Brinno the World Traveler: Using Time Lapse to Capture Travel Adventures

Setting up aTLC2000 to capture the liveliness of the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo.

Using time lapse for trip documentation is becoming increasingly popular with social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Every travel location, urban or rural, is full of time lapse opportunities. Once you start filming scenes, you discover new fun and creative ways to share your travels with friends and family.

One of the best parts of travel is getting to taste new and exciting food. Instagram has made food photography very popular and it is understandable why. Who doesn’t want to show off to friends and family the mouthwatering meals that you tasted? While photos are static and only show a meal dish by dish, using time lapse can capture the entire meal from start to finish. Choose where to put the focus, on the food or on the people at the table, both provide unique video opportunities.

Have you ever traveled to a special place and wanted to share it with everyone you know? Time lapse captures not only the scenery in busy street scenes and landscapes,but also shares the emotions you felt while filming.

You can even make a long travel day into a short video clip so you can share a road trip or journey through the Panama Canal in seconds rather than hours. Maybe you live on a houseboat and spend your days cruising the canals of England or France, time lapse can be used like a travel diary and as a way to keep friends and family members up to date on where in the world you are.


We spoke with Reuben who recently started a time lapse focused Instagram account to ask about why he has chosen to use time lapse to document his travels around the world and this was his response:

“The moment I plug in my Brinno’s SD card in my laptop I feel like I’m traveling back in time. In a matter of seconds I can see what happened in a period of hours (or even days) and that has a magical touch to it. It is like having a second pair of eyes which you can even rewind as many times as you want.”

-   Ruben from lapsesoflife