Peruvian Boobies’ Foraging Efforts Studied Using a Brinno Time Lapse Camera

The Peruvian booby is key part of the delicate costal ecosystem in Peru and monitoring their behavior provides a clear indication of environmental changes in the region. Between 2016 and 2018, a research project......

TLC200Pro Showcases Lowered Traffic Flows during Lockdown

In April, a Brinno time lapse camera was set up along a highway in the South of England for 6 hours and the footage was shared on the local news. With a lockdown in place, residents of the UK have adapted to their new sheltered-in-place normal......

Outdoor Animal Tracking - Brinno Time Lapse in Research Applications

In order to comb through the video data, the research team used a neural network called Yolo that could smoothly analyze….

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Where has 2019 gone? We spend half the year complaining about how slow the year is going by but then by the midway mark months seem to turn into weeklong periods

Have Yourself a Very Brinno Christmas

The holiday season is upon us; trees have been decorated, hot chocolates have been made, and Christmas music is playing everywhere you go. How do you preserve this holiday season so that...