Why use Brinno time lapse for your construction projects?

In 2009 when we released the first standalone time lapse camera on the market we sent shockwaves throughout the camera industry. Our state of the art cameras have evolved a lot since then but we have continued to deliver ......

Outdoor Animal Tracking - Brinno Time Lapse in Research Applications

In order to comb through the video data, the research team used a neural network called Yolo that could smoothly analyze….

Find Out Why Thousands of People Are Using Brinno Time Lapse to Document the Construction of their Dream Home

Do you have a dream to build your own house one day? Building a house is a monumental and unforgettable life step worth commemorating. How do you document such a long and complicated process in a way that honors the time and...

Brinno at SECUTECH 2017 booth 5522

At Secutech 2017, Brinno is demonstrating recent product breakthroughs including...

“San Andreas” Hollywood Film Set Construction Documented By BCC200

Recently Brinno’s Time Lapse Cameras have been gaining recognition and popularity among film industry professionals.