TLC200Pro Showcases Lowered Traffic Flows during Lockdown

In April, a Brinno time lapse camera was set up along a highway in the South of England for 6 hours and the footage was shared on the local news. With a lockdown in place, residents of the UK have adapted to their new sheltered-in-place normal......

Brinno Time Lapse Camera Once Again Used to Catch Criminals in Taiwan

In the Linkou District of New Taipei city, residents had been reporting a strong burning smell that would appear suddenly in the middle of the night. The Environmental Protection Agency opened an investigation......

Brinno Camera used to Catch Factory Illegally Disposing Waste Water

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has charged a Bento Factory with illegally discharging waste water into Fengshan Creek....

Brinno will announce new Wi-Fi Front Door Camera and Full HD Time Lapse solution at CES 2017

The CES is coming soon. We know our customers are looking forward and very excited for our upcoming upgrades. And yes, we will be announcing some major upgrades during the event. We have so many things that we are going to cover inside the show, and of course, we will disclose some brief updates here in the invitation letter. Let’s see what are those.

Fighting the Taiwanese Recession With Home-Style Crowdfunding

The main fear in crowdfunding centers on the health of the startup’s management and finances,” Brinno President David Chen said. “But the backing of the government lends confidence.”