Why use Brinno time lapse for your construction projects?

In 2009 when we released the first standalone time lapse camera on the market we sent shockwaves throughout the camera industry. Our state of the art cameras have evolved a lot since then but we have continued to deliver the same quality and battery power as our customers have come to expect with the Brinno name.

One Button Time Lapse

Produce high-quality time lapse videos with the touch of a button. Videos are auto-generated and ready to share. Everyone can create their own time lapses without complicated setups or post-editing. Your construction project doesn’t work 24 hours and neither should your camera.  All our [construction series] cameras come with the ability to set specific filming times. Once you press REC your camera will auto-record at scheduled time. We make time lapse easy no matter your level of experience.

Unbeatable Power Saving Technology

Brinno’s proprietary power control system provides cameras with unbeatable battery lives. Our ultimate blend of flexibility and performance makes month or yearlong jobsite recording a truly hassle-free reality. The BCC2000, for example, can provide 336 days of power with 5 minute capture interval. You should not have to compromise your convenience in order to get a great time lapse. With Brinno’s unique power management system experience our set it and forget it promise.

Durable Industrial-grade Products

From the Canadian Arctic to the Abu Dhabi skyline our cameras have been filming in thousands of locations worldwide in vastly different weather and environmental conditions. Every Brinno camera is durable and industrial-grade accessories like our housings will protect your camera from harm. Brinno doesn’t just provide a weather-proof product, our cameras are construction-proof. No matter your construction site environment we will make sure you never miss a shot.

Top-notch Customer Service

Unlike other camera companies, we don’t just sell cameras, we form lifelong partnerships with customers. Our dedicated customer service team and online resources ensure that you have all the tools you need to take successful time lapses. We take pride in our customer service, if anything goes wrong one of our customer service reps will be more than happy to assist you (Warranty Info).