Kaohsiung Municipal Environmental Protection Administration and Brinno Enter a New Partnership

Since 2019, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) in Kaohsiung has included the MAC200DN in their lineup of surveillance tools. With the combined help of time lapse, CCTV, and AI analysis, the city has noticeably reduced manpower and increased efficiency. Through their partnership with Brinno, the EPA has entered a new era of law enforcement that takes advantage of all the technological tools available to them. 

The MAC200DN is Brinno’s specialty time lapse camera for surveillance-based applications. With the camera, you can gather time lapse video evidence for up to 14 months straight without interruptions. Easily setup camera in a discreet location with our adaptable mounting accessories and you are good to go.

One of the camera’s most unique features is the filming customization options. Customize camera settings to fit your needs including scheduled filming, time stamp, and choose from three capture modes: Time Lapse, Motion Detection, and Hybrid.



Durable and IPX4 waterproof, the MAC200DN is the perfect surveillance solution for long-term monitoring in even the remotest locations.

Learn more about MAC200DN on our product page.

Read about how the MAC200DN was used to catch criminals illegally disposing waste water into a local creek and how an illegal garbage burning business was caught red-handed