Japanese fixed their gigantic sinkhole in 7 days shot in time lapse.

A giant sinkhole appears on November 8th, 2016 in Fukuoka’s business district. It was a 30 meter wide, 15 meter deep hole. The construction work was complete in 7 days, and time lapse video helps us go through the process with only 140 seconds.

 Check out the news. (CNN)

The video was recorded live by NHK, the Japanese news channel. A guy edited the 7 days long live video into only 140 seconds time lapse video and posted on his twitter. Check out the video below.

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Watch Farnsworth Sculptured In Time Lapse

If you don’t know who Farnsworth is, he is a character of Futurama, a cartoon play by Bill West.  The Farnsworth Project was filmed by Tested.com. They recorded both sculpturing and makeup process in time lapse. Maybe you can find this helpful and hopefully apply this to your business or work.

(Credit to Tested.com)

Check out our time-lapse cameras and start making your own videos!

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Puppy to Adult In Time-Lapse Photography.

As Time-lapse Photography becomes more popular, people have begun to record or shoot photos from time to time of their pets, kids, or even themselves. Today, I want to share with you someone who recorded his baby German Shepherd from its first day at home as a 2 months old puppy, in a short 40 seconds video grown to a year-old adult.Read More

The BCC200 Construction Camera Bundle

2016 New Timelapse Gadgets from Brinno!

So we are a little bit behind in updating this blog.

There is a good reason!  2016 is turning out to be an incredible year for Brinno and it’s only March!!

The ART200 Panlapse Base + the TLC200PRO as seen through the lens of Michael Lohr

The ART200 Panlapse Base Rotating Camera Base has been a worldwide success and we are so glad you have embraced our ‘Brilliant Innovation.’ The Brinno Pan Lapse is a Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) rotating camera stand, that allows you to take smooth sweeping video or amazing panning timelapse videos with your Brinno camera, mirrorless camera or smartphone or GoPro. Just Pan-and-Shoot, It’s that easy! Photographers will appreciate the smooth panning as seen in this video.

PHV WiFi is almost here!!

A prototype was on-site for a fully functional demo at both CES2016 and IBS2016!

The PHV Wi-Fi allows users to see who is at the door on their phone or mobile device via an app. Someone comes to the door and a push notification with the visitor’s image appears in the app whether the user is at home, the store or on vacation. Images are also stored within the viewer and a live picture is displayed for close proximity viewing.

The PHV Wi-Fi is revolutionary within the security industry as it uses the existing peephole with no external sensors. While we do have existing Peephole Viewers, the addition of a WiFi enabled camera offers one more solution in Home Security.

Now in case you are wondering what a PeepHole viewer is… The PeepHole Viewer uses an LCD Panel to display who is at your door. It turns a hard to see PeepHole image into a big bright image. It doesn’t replace the optic peephole, but it upgrades the traditional to a digital PeepHole Viewer!

Photo by Josh Banks.
Photo by Josh Banks.












Timelapse video has increasingly taken over traditional video in popularity. Want to know why Brinno cameras are so popular? The MAIN reason is our extraordinary battery life.  There is simply no timelapse camera on the market today that even comes close to the battery life we offer. Our Construction Timelapse Camera the BCC100 has award winning technology and now we are proud to introduce the BCC200 the High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor produces stunning timelapse video under virtually any lighting conditions, from low light to intense backlighting. This is our PRO version for long-term projects and  higher-end construction camera bundle with 80-day battery life, is powered by a HDR-sensor and special night-modes perfect use for documenting construction projects, analyzing environmental changes, and an amazing variety of other long-term outdoor photographic tasks.

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The BCC200 Construction Camera Bundle
The BCC200 Construction Camera Bundle


Need A Tool to Save The Polar Bears?


TLC200pro was born for the best choice under critical environment time lapse photography.

Ecological observation is mostly under a critical environment and takes a lot of times. You need a device to maybe records up to weeks(by a single charge) and works under most of the critical circumstances.

According to many articles that clearly shows the endangerment of polar bears related to global warming. We started to realize how critical it is, influenced, to our world, and we should start doing something to save it.

Saving the polar bear is something that people starting to realize our planet is over polluted. In fact, saving them can’t be done by only a group of people. We must gather everyone on the planet to do so. Since there’s only a group of people realize it, we must work together and let the rest of the world know the facts and how serious the problem is that we are facing.

Time lapse plays a big role in this category. It is a technology that turns your weeks of video into minutes to show the major process without boring others. It makes your story a lot more focus on the topic you are telling. So you need a device that is able to do all that for you. Let’s see the world’s change with TLC200pro, see the changes you’ve never seen before.

TLC200pro is Brinno’s latest time-lapse camera. It is small and lives up to weeks by a single charge. It was built with weather resistance, and it is everything you need for shooting a time lapse video.


Here’s something we should consider and see together.

(Credit: YouTube BBC)

The Brinno Team: Trade Shows Around The World!

The Brinno Team has been traveling the globe promoting our “Brilliant Innovation” worldwide! From trade shows in Asia, Europe and all the way to Argentina our team is spreading the word about Brinno Time-lapse cameras and the reasons why our customers need them.

computex 2016





The PeepHole Viewer was a star at Computex!

The PeepHole Viewer was a star at Computex!

Welcome to Computex 2016!
Welcome to Computex 2016!