Japanese fixed their gigantic sinkhole in 7 days shot in time lapse.

A giant sinkhole appears on November 8th, 2016 in Fukuoka’s business district. It was a 30 meter wide, 15 meter deep hole. The construction work was complete in 7 days, and time lapse video helps us go through the process with only 140 seconds.

 Check out the news. (CNN)

The video was recorded live by NHK, the Japanese news channel. A guy edited the 7 days long live video into only 140 seconds time lapse video and posted on his twitter. Check out the video below.

(Credit: https://twitter.com/Kashaverak)

Time lapse video is a great way to show the efficiency of a long period process.  This is way Brinno offer choices of time lapse cameras for our customers depend on their needs. Check out the video below recorded by BCC200.


The BCC200 is built specifically for construction use. It provides these advantages.

BCC200 in action

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