Free Video Editing on Your Smartphone

Video editing is something that you always want to keep in mind after shooting whether a normal footage or a time lapse one. There are so many advantages provided by it for you to show the best possible of your work in personal or business.

The previous video we showed was one of the simple examples to show ways to fit a time lapse footage into a film. It can be done by simply any video editor. In this paragraph, we are going to tell you one of the video editing app that you can download it on smartphone and it’s free. Also, we found an awesome tutorial on YouTube and we will show it right below.

Read this if you need to download a footage from your TLC120


(In case you don’t know how to save videos into your phone, here’s how. Or, you can read the article link above.)

App: Viva Video

Download: Andriod


Tutorial video:

(Credit: YouTube Maggie Clayton)